A magic Yoga Retreat

Viviana/ November 26, 2018/ Me myself I, Spirituality/ 0 comments

My first yoga retreat was amazing I’ve just come back home after a great weekend at Asociacion Sirio in Caudiel, just 1 hour from Valencia. I really enjoyed the peaceful environment, the flourishing nature, the great yoga sessions and meditation but the most important thing is that I had the opportunity to know better my yoga teammates and also meet new

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Non è la felicità che conta?

Viviana/ November 15, 2018/ Pasolini/ 0 comments

“Il potere ha deciso che noi siamo tutti uguali. L’ ansia del consumo è un’ansia di obbedienza a un ordine non pronunciato. Ognuno in Italia sente l’ansia, degradante, di essere uguale agli altri nel consumare, nell’essere felice, nell’essere libero: perché questo è l’ordine che egli ha inconsciamente ricevuto, e a cui deve obbedire, a patto di sentirsi diverso. Mai la

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Reconnect with the beautiful routine

Viviana/ November 12, 2018/ Me myself I, Spirituality/ 0 comments

After my holiday in Lisbon, I realized that I already can call Valencia my home! I relocated here on the 19th of July and I have already my routine and habits that I can’t get enough of! First of all my yoga classes with my adorable teacher Yolanda, but also my solo sessions on Viveros Park. These are the things I do to

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Lisbon day7: 10th November

Viviana/ November 11, 2018/ General, Websummit/ 0 comments

Last day in Lisbon has come This rainy day started with a lovely breakfast at Mesa com Pao and then we walked in the Bairro Alto and we made a ride into the famous Santa Justa elevator! I love the views from the top of the Lisbon hills. And in general, I started to like “elevating myself” and see reality from

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Lisbon day6: 9th November

Viviana/ November 10, 2018/ General, Websummit/ 0 comments

Sierra de Sintra and the sense of friendship Friday was fully dedicated to Sintra, the famous town at 1 hour of train form Lisbona-Rossio station, and in particular to visit the Park and palace de la Pena. The palace and the Cultural Landscape of Sintra were classified as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. We also visited the “Valles de los

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Lisbon day5: 8th November

Viviana/ November 10, 2018/ General, Websummit/ 0 comments

Rainy day means … change plans and enjoy the new ones! This was the last day of web summit 2018 and it started with a lot of rain. Watch the last speech of the president Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa. Very touching: the mission of all we want to create on Web is to create and sprout peace and freedom!   At

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Lisbon day4: 7th November

Viviana/ November 8, 2018/ General, Websummit/ 0 comments

Slow day aka “la brillante esencia del momento”  Last night I found in my Airbnb room a book of Dale Carnegie “how to stop worrying and start living” (over 6million copies sold btw!!) and I read these sentences: – Don’t take yourself too seriously. Try just laughing at some of your sillier worries, and see if you can’t laugh them

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Lisbon day3: 6th November

Viviana/ November 7, 2018/ General, Websummit/ 0 comments

Inspiring day Today I woke up early and happy because I couldn’t wait to see little Sofia and have breakfast “with” her meanwhile her mummy Fede breastfeeds her!! I went with my friends at the first day of Web Summit and I walked through Alfa and beta startup stands and I attended some interesting speeches both @ pandaconf and @

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Lisbon day2: 5th November

Viviana/ November 6, 2018/ General, Websummit/ 0 comments

Lisbon with pure love This was another magical day for me! I had the great honor to spend another day with my dear friends Federica (@fedeactive) and Luca (@lvrluca) and their 2and 1/2 months baby Sofia – the sweetest baby I ever have seen. I’ve never listened to her crying during this 2 days together in Lisbon – she is

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Lisbon day1: 4th November

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Lisbon, a unique mixture of cities I’ve visited  For me, Lisbon is a big puzzle and mix of cities I love. Sometimes some alleys remind me of Naples with the clothes hanging out… but some climbs also remind me Paris … and other streets with arches the Venetian ”sottoporteghi”. Not to mention, the “trams” that remind me Milan and some colored

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Do, just do it!

Viviana/ November 4, 2018/ Me myself I/ 0 comments

We have to force ourself doing things we think are impossible.. because when we realize that we can make them we gain self estime and maybe we also start loving ourselves more and more💫

My fantastic last year

Viviana/ November 3, 2018/ General/ 0 comments

What a great year mates! I’ve just packed and closed my backpack because tonight I’m going to take the bus to Lisbon – my first 12 hours bus travel with Flixbus by the way – to attend Web Summit 2018! This was a really last last second journey: yesterday a girl from Ucraina sold me her ticket and I suddenly

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