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Slow day aka “la brillante esencia del momento” 

Last night I found in my Airbnb room a book of Dale Carnegie “how to stop worrying and start living” (over 6million copies sold btw!!) and I read these sentences:
– Don’t take yourself too seriously. Try just laughing at some of your sillier worries, and see if you can’t laugh them out of existence
– Time may also solve what you are worried about today

Yes, simple things, right? But it’s important also to keep it simple in life and start from basics! And I’m thinking of how I’m enjoying a loooot more the Web Summit this year rather than last year – maybe because just 1 year ago I was not practicing these two simple life rules: laughing at my worries and thinking that time has the power to solve many things.

That’s why today my friend Fede and I decided to give a completely different sense at our time and reserve the full day to us, baby Sofia, Lisbon, and good vibes. The initial idea was to explore Bairio Alto and get to Jardin Botanico and web summit, but actually, we let it flow with a lot of little unique experiences based on intuition to discover the best. In a city crowded with students with the aim of networking and professionals of pushing their businesses, we just slowed down!!

The sun was shining and the moon started a new moon today, by entering in Scorpio. It is said that it is the moon that tells us to give up everything to become true to ourselves, to what we like to be and that’s it… the moon of generosity and abundance, of pleasure and total enjoyment of life. We pause productivity and we just followed our passions, we just said “Let’s have a good feast: of food, of pleasure, of shopping!!”. Let us free ourselves from attachment, from renunciation of the enjoyment of life, from scarcity and inner poverty. Let us allow ourselves a full life (or at least this fantastic sunny day in Lisbon!!) without limiting ourselves, without blocking spontaneous desires, those that correspond to true talent ?

So, we began with one of our passions: “Chocolate”, that we all know is the reason to be here (as we read at chocolataria Equador!). It drove us all the day, from breakfast at Pastelaria Orion (since 1945!!), along with an ice-cream & a great espresso at Bettina & Niccolò Corallo after lunch, to the dessert after dinner at Dona Saudade!

Life when you are in touch with yourself is like a spoon of chocolate, dense and sincere.

Chating with locals, shooting  from amazing views, detoxing from the usual habits, discovering unfollowed corners and shops gave a sweet and special flavor at the day.

THANKS, great new moon and life for this – another – precious day!


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