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What a great year mates!

I’ve just packed and closed my backpack because tonight I’m going to take the bus to Lisbon – my first 12 hours bus travel with Flixbus by the way – to attend Web Summit 2018! This was a really last last second journey: yesterday a girl from Ucraina sold me her ticket and I suddenly booked the bus and the Airbnb ( yes, I also found a super centric and cheap room in Bairo Alto!!) This is what I call synchronicity and serendipity!

This event makes me think about my last 12 months. Last November I went to Lisbon to attend Web Summit 2017 with my ex-colleague Elena, and we were both a sort of “crazy smiling workaholic girls”.

How many things have changed during this years? !!

After that journey in Portugal, my back pain starts being every day worst until I had to call an ambulance and rest for 5 days in a very cold hospital. They gave me a lot of morphine, paracetamol, and codeine and they diagnosed a lumbar hernia. I really felt that all my life was completely ruined – I love traveling and being paralyzed was the worst thing could happen to me.

First of all, I challenged myself for the first time with my body:  I started practicing pilates and being on diet, I  changed work and I finally started thinking of myself and my body needs. It was a long journey through deep pain that made me every day feel stronger. Definitely, back pain is something that helps you to rest and to start thinking of what you have to COMPLETELY CHANGE of your life: but on the other side day by day, I started feeling more connected with myself and my needs?✌.

At the beginning of June, I took for the very first time a bit selfish decision and I organized a solo holiday in Ibiza (the best choice I’ve made in my life so far!!). I also organized a great birthday in Milan with all my friends at the end of June and I decided to meet my bestie in Rome and Tuscany in July. Meet my friends again after 2 years in London made me be grateful for life and feel loved (how many laughs and hugs we shared…and how much I missed them!!).

And it was exactly at that moment with a lot of positive energy around and inside me that I took another big choice: I decided to relocate from London to Valencia. The serendipity again made me choose a fantastic Airbnb – where I actually still live in. I love the peaceful environment, the big and sunny terrace, and the lovely little pet, my beloved red cat Rufino.
I’ve started practicing yoga every day and I’m very proud of my new healthy life – yes, I’ve also started cooking bio and veggie recipes.

I’ve learned this big lesson from life: never give up and focus on little things that make you improve every day. Of course one year ago – in December when I felt so lonely and depressed – I couldn’t even imagine where I am now and what kind of completely different life I’m living. But I found inside me a strength that I didn’t know to have: step by step I moved forward and I let it be. So, my dear friends please don’t panic #nodramas and believe me: rest, breathe and listen to yourself, so that life can help you and guide you in your path, the right for you! Trust, trust, and trust again.

Simply, that’s the thing in my new point of view: why do we often overthink about things and create problems that actually are only in our mind? For me, for example, the pain was an alert that my body wanted to give me. And I’m deeply grateful for my hernia: thanks to it I made big Changes in my life and now I’m happier than ever. We have to force ourselves doing things we think are impossible… because when we realize that we can make them, we start gaining self-esteem and maybe we start also loving ourselves more and more.

Thanks life for every single challenge and let’s live this life as a big comedy. Peace✌and love (so hippy right?!) and remember the funny quote of Woody Allen: “If you want to make God laugh, tell him about your plans”!!!

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