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After my holiday in Lisbon, I realized that I already can call Valencia my home!
I relocated here on the 19th of July and I have already my routine and habits that I can’t get enough of! First of all my yoga classes with my adorable teacher Yolanda, but also my solo sessions on Viveros Park.

These are the things I do to reconnect with myself:

1. Spend time alone – with no social media or cell phone!

2. Feel my feelings – trying to be honest with myself.

3. Journal – I just let my feelings and ideas out!

4. Spend time in nature – that’s why I often go to Jardines de Viveros, because I need to deeply breathe fresh air, smiling and remembering all the love I have in my life right now.

5. Set the intention for peace – when you act from a place of authenticity, likability will follow!

6. Go after my passions – and I let myself shine.


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