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Be grateful even if things are not exactly what you expect. Every day gives you a different lesson … you just have to learn how to recognize signals and take note of what is the meaning of that day lesson!

I’m experiencing a strange and challenging month my friends. All began on the 13rd of June when I took my trolley and I went to Ibiza. As usual, I was just challenging myself to a completely different workplace and situation: I wanted to help Almond Blossom’s 3 cofounders to organize and manage a special wellbeing retreat for 12 guests – more info here.

vista de Es Vedra

Not bad, right? I was at Nina’s place/temple, with an amazing view of magical Es Vedrà from all the windows and a cat family of mom and 2 cute kittens 🐱😻😻. And last but not least I was with Nina, a beautiful soul I recognize as a sister and a goal life example!

With precious Nina

From Saturday 15th until the 22nd we worked as true heroes – and I improved my project management skills and improvisation too! I had the opportunity to meet a sound healer, Elena. Her music and essentials oils are fantastic- check out her website here! I want to play her cd 💿 meanwhile I’ll Practice yoga!

And I met a special and kind osteopath guy called Josè too. He came as an angel just when I needed him the most, and he really helped me a lot. And this is the point: my back pain appeared again. After 1 year and a half. After all, I’ve done to avoid it: I completely changed lifestyle – from healthier nutrition to meditation, and above all my daily yoga practice🧘🏻‍♀️. I felt I failed. What’s was going wrong? Was Everything I’ve made a waste of time and energy?

But this time I was stronger than that fucked November 2017. The 23rd of June I had to go to the hospital with an ambulance and I’ve been taking painkillers for more than a week… but I felt I was stronger. The pain was exactly the same, but my soul was prepared to accept and love that body. My body, the one that was immobilizing me and trapping me in a bed was not scaring me as one year and a half ago. Now I can deal with it: I’ve just realized that It’s completely useless to punish myself thinking of my mistakes… and the most important thing is that I love my body and its signals. Because after all beauty is everywhere: even in pain and even when you can’t see it. I’ve learned that I just had to stop crying and feeling guilty and just breathe. What If my body was trying to communicate with me? What happens If I stop overthink and just I listen to my body and its needs?

The lesson was clear enough: I was just repeating the same pattern. I wanted to control everything and work too much to compensate for every issue – just to Feel approved and recognized as a good human being!! External approval instead of self-love and self-care. And I’m blessed that my body is sometimes smarter than me and just send me some alarms 🚨 I learned the lesson: I’m not a robot and my body has an irreversible injury that I have to respect and take care of. My lumbar hernia gave me for the second time the most important lesson: love and respect yourself IS the most important thing you have to do every single day, hour and second!!!

Enjoy life my friends and now… I stop writing and I go to a rock concert on the beach, where I came to heal faster and better! Love you… but fist: I love myself (not the old one that imagined herself as a victim but the more conscious new me!!).

With a sweetheart from Frankfurt 💫💞
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