La Sesta Stella – La consapevolezza come forza del cambiamento sociale e personale

Viviana/ August 26, 2019/ Spirituality/ 0 comments

Dall’economia lineare all’economia circolare Inizio a scrivere questo libro nel giorno del mio compleanno e mi accorgo che non avrei potuto scegliere un momento migliore. In queste pagine parlo di tempo che scorre e di cambiamento, di riti di passaggio e di rinnovamento. Il cambiamento è ciò che ci dà la dimensione del tempo che passa. Il cambiamento è un

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How to take decisions

Viviana/ August 12, 2019/ marketing/ 0 comments

I really appreciate the “Eisenhower’s Urgent/Important Principle” that I’ve learned from my ex-boss of in 2009!It’s useful for all aspect of my life actually 😉 If we live our personal or professional lives in a reactionary way, we will never accomplish the bigger goals we set for ourselves. The key is to avoid urgent distractions and stay focused on

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Sarvesham Svastir Bhavatu Universal Blessings

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It is a mantra of universal blessing, like many of the Shanti Mantra. Many spiritual traditions hold the view that other beings are reflections of our self. By practicing good will and acts and using mantra like this to keep these ideas at heart and mind we reduce the suffering of the world, and thus ourselves. If you ever feel

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