Dive with me!

I’m a scuba diver (Divemaster PADI) and a digital marketer. That’s the reason of the name of this blog “divemaster” means underwater guide. Since I was 18 years old, I’ve led many groups of divers underwater as a tour guide, during my summer holidays: I started earning some money doing something I was passionate about!  Diving is always an amazing experience because every dive is different.

For the same reason, I like my job as a marketer – in particular for startups: digital marketing trends, strategies, and tools are always evolving, so I have to learn every day something new, updade my knoledgements and always push myself out of my comfort zone.

I like to help SME, companies & professionals to find the right clients – choosing and testing multiple channels. I’m enthusiast when I increase both marketing campaigns ROI & customer satisfaction 🚀

In this blog “The Digital Divemaster“, I’d like to guide you into the “deep sea” of my mind, my thoughts and why not sometimes of digital marketing.

Welcome, and I hope you enjoy reading me.

And now, breathe and let’s dive together!!

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