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Lisbon day7: 10th November

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Last day in Lisbon has come This rainy day started with a lovely breakfast at Mesa com Pao and then we walked in the Bairro Alto and we made a ride into the famous Santa Justa elevator! I love the views from the top of the Lisbon hills. And in general, I started to like “elevating myself” and see reality from

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Lisbon day5: 8th November

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Rainy day means … change plans and enjoy the new ones! This was the last day of web summit 2018 and it started with a lot of rain. Watch the last speech of the president Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa. Very touching: the mission of all we want to create on Web is to create and sprout peace and freedom!   At

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Lisbon day4: 7th November

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Slow day aka “la brillante esencia del momento”  Last night I found in my Airbnb room a book of Dale Carnegie “how to stop worrying and start living” (over 6million copies sold btw!!) and I read these sentences: – Don’t take yourself too seriously. Try just laughing at some of your sillier worries, and see if you can’t laugh them

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Lisbon day3: 6th November

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Inspiring day Today I woke up early and happy because I couldn’t wait to see little Sofia and have breakfast “with” her meanwhile her mummy Fede breastfeeds her!! I went with my friends at the first day of Web Summit and I walked through Alfa and beta startup stands and I attended some interesting speeches both @ pandaconf and @

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Lisbon day2: 5th November

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Lisbon with pure love This was another magical day for me! I had the great honor to spend another day with my dear friends Federica (@fedeactive) and Luca (@lvrluca) and their 2and 1/2 months baby Sofia – the sweetest baby I ever have seen. I’ve never listened to her crying during this 2 days together in Lisbon – she is

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Lisbon day1: 4th November

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Lisbon, a unique mixture of cities I’ve visited  For me, Lisbon is a big puzzle and mix of cities I love. Sometimes some alleys remind me of Naples with the clothes hanging out… but some climbs also remind me Paris … and other streets with arches the Venetian ”sottoporteghi”. Not to mention, the “trams” that remind me Milan and some colored

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