I am my own special creation

I work as a Digital Marketer since 2006. These keywords describe me:

  • Startup lover: I worked in 5 startups > food, insurance, loans & mortgages, fintech, and e-commerce. I have an entrepreneurial mindset

  • Bookaholic: I try to read more & more - books, ebooks, posts, blogs, and audiobooks! It another way to travel ;)

  • Comfort-zone defier. I want to learn new things and get new habits! I lived in Venezuela, in 4 cities in Italy, in London and currently in the amazing València in Spain

  • Geek. I feel comfortable with Analytics tools, dashboards, and also talking and working with IT teams / Nerds (I'm joking!)

  • Scuba diver since I was 16 years old Diving is my hobby and I worked as divemaster (an underwater guide!) in many diving centers

  • Yoga addicted

I love nature and all kind of animals since I was a child

..."I am, I am, good
I am, I am, strong
I am, I am somebody
I am I do belong
I am, I am, useful
I am, I am true
I am, I am worthy
I am as good as you..."